Door Drop Vs Direct Mail

Door Drop Vs Direct Mail

The use of door drop and direct mail are both efficient and cost-effective methods of delivering your message to potential customers and generating a response. They share some typical characteristics, but which one should you choose? We have put together this article so that you can better understand the differences and why you should choose us for our direct mail services. If you have any questions about our services then please fill in a contact form below.

What is a Door Drop?

Door drops are classified as direct marketing materials such as leaflets, flyers and brochures. A door drop campaign involves the delivery of non addressed documentation to every building within a certain geographical area. Marketers and business owners will put their branded message straight into the homes of new and existing customers and drive high levels of engagement. In fact, research shows that 73% of door drops are opened, read or filed*. And they are great value for money too. This can be a great cost-effective method of delivering your message to your potential clients. 

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is posted directly to an individual in the household and business locations. This type of mail is highly data-driven as it requires the details of individual recipients. Choosing Direct mail can still be a highly effective tool in your brand’s marketing toolbox. When choosing this form of marketing it can be targetted at specifics of what your potential client is already looking for. Direct mail is a path to success when it’s personalized to your target audience and driven by a well-executed direct marketing strategy. 

Here are some more facts and figures about direct mail:

  • 57% opened it when it just arrived and 20.8% open it within twenty-eight day period
  • 48.5% read/looked/glanced at it and 23% within twenty-eight day period
  • 26% threw it away/recycled
  • 24% put aside to look at later
  • The average household receives 1.3 items each day
  • The presence of children increases the number of items of addressed mail received – 1.45 versus 1.25
  • Women are 16.7% more likely than average to be exposed to addressed mail
  • The average frequency (re-visited) across addressed mail is 4.2
  • Leaflets and flyers are revisited 3.6 times.

Targeting Your Audience

When choosing the correct method for targeting your audience its worth considering your core message and the audience you are targeting. Door drops remove the need to use personal data as the unaddressed distribution is carried out at postcode level and is, therefore, a GDPR compliant method of marketing to your target audience. Direct mail can be used as a highly targeted method of distribution due to the item being addressed. As this method is household-specific any recipient of this type of mail must give permission to the sender to hold their personal details and therefore receive direct communications. When considering direct marketing, why not check out a blog we did on 5 Tips To Maximise Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign.

Why Choose Atlas Direct Mail?

It has been recorded that direct mail has a 47% response rate so there really isn’t much difference in the two methods in terms of response. Direct mail pretty much guarantees that your intended recipient will open your item, however, this is where the journey of your item ends. Whether you choose direct mail or door drop marketing campaigns, both offer a low initial cost. Both direct mail and door drop services are efficient and effective marketing tools when prepared and executed effectively.

Atlas Direct Mail has years of experience providing a fantastic direct mail service along with other professional services. Why no speak to a member of our team today call 01444 241200 or fill in a contact form below.

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