5 Tips To Maximise Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

maximise your direct mail marketing campaign

Are you looking for ideas for how to maximise your direct mail marketing campaign? Direct mail is a great and effective way of getting your message in front of your target audience. Once you have their attention, it is crucial to get the messaging right, to ensure you are getting the maximum return for your investment 

Here are 5 tips to help you maximise your direct mail marketing campaign, to ensure that your investment was a worthy one.

Add Value

As your potential customer browses through their mail and comes across your item, you can grab their attention by offering them something of value. This might be a sale, a discount code, or a reason to carry out an action. Our top tip is to try and give your audience a reason to purchase now, rather than later down the line. A limited time offer is a great way to do this.

Eye Catching Designs

This is where you can get creative. Among a pile of mail, you need your item to stand out visually. You may require a professional direct mail service to help you with the creative, design & printing stage. This does require an investment, however the value that this will add to your campaign will be more than worth it.

Use up to date data

One of the greatest advantages of direct mail marketing campaigns is that you can be precise with your audience targeting. This allows you to send your messages to those who you know are most likely to not only read them, but also take action. This may include old customers or potential new prospects. 

Due to people moving house, databases can become outdated overtime, so it is important to clean, sort & refresh them to maximise returns on your campaign. A professional data management service can assist you with this.

Keep their attention

When writing your copy, you have around 10 seconds, at the most, to grab the attention of your prospect while they are flicking through their mail. Use attention grabbing headlines, as these are what peoples’ eyes are immediately drawn to. Think of your font and colour of text too, you should make the text as easy to read as possible. Our top tip is to try and build curiosity with a headline or with your first line of text. This will help to encourage prospects to continue reading, where you can provide them the details of your offer.

Keep it simple

While you do need to take care to get your messaging correct, don’t overcomplicate things. Keep your item short and snappy, as much as possible. Too much text might put somebody off reading it, especially if they are flicking through their mail in a rush. To make your text look shorter and snappier, use bullet points when appropriate. Bullet points are much easier and more appealing to read than a paragraph of text.

Want help building a direct mail marketing campaign?

Would you like help from a professional, to build a successful direct mail marketing campaign? Atlas Direct Mail have years of experience delivering campaigns with high returns on investment, across the UK. We can assist you with the whole process, from the design, to printing, to fulfilment and postal services. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. 

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