Data Management

Let Atlas improve response rates by ensuring your data is working the best for you…

Most databases require content to be thoroughly checked before they can be used to produce a mailing and our systems and processes ensure maximum accuracy when it comes to mailing and delivery to the recipient.

Our sophisticated systems ensure your marketing campaigns are more effective by only mailing the correct individuals. We ensure this happens by cleaning, sorting and refreshing your databases, and then we can add fresh prospects to the mailing. Through this energising process we can make your promotions and campaigns more effective!

All systems are managed by our knowledgeable and skilled Team, whose experience in interpreting results can make an inspired difference.

You may find the following statistics surprising! 11% of individuals move house and over 15% of businesses move every year. We can tell you who they are!

Total Data Cleansing

We can provide an all-inclusive service covering De-Duplication, Suppression against gone-away and deceased registers, Data Enhancement and Postal Optimisation for your UK mailing list.


Are you mailing the same person twice? Use our advanced de-duplication services to save time and money.

database and data management services

Data Enhancement

We can help you keep in touch with customers that have moved by appending their new address.

Did you know?
people have moved house while you read this

Free Data Audit

We will check your data integrity & provide a free report of anomalies.

Our systems and data technicians continuously monitor, refresh and update data.

This enables us to deal with all aspects of data processing:

  • Merge, purge and de-duplication.
  • Mailing Preference Service (MPS).
    This is a list of families who would prefer not to receive unsolicited direct mail
  • Telephone Preference Service (TPS).
    This is a list of telephone numbers who would prefer not to receive unsolicited sales and marketing telephone calls
  • Fax Preference Service (FPS).
    This is a list of fax numbers who would prefer not to receive unsolicited faxes
  • National Change of Address (NCOA).
    This file contains approx 9.5 million records of new and old addresses. It is compiled by the Royal Mail using re-direction requests from householders. It can be used as a Gone Away File or to track and trace
  • Postal Address File (PAF).
    A file that contains every address in the UK and can be used to cross-reference data. Compiled by the Royal Mail.
  • The Deceased Register (TDR).
    This file is collected in collaboration with local registrars throughout the UK at the time a death is registered
  • The Bereavement Register (TBR).
    This file is collected in collaboration with local government registrars, law firms, hospitals and funeral directors throughout the UK within 7 days of a death
We also offer the following data management services;
  • Layout standardisation
  • Data capture & verification
  • Barcode programming and verification
  • In-house programming for data problem solving

“We’re all you need.”