What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is any physical correspondence you send to customers in the hopes of getting them to take notice of your business. Offering special offers, unique selling points, and other key aspects of your business is a common method of marketing with direct mail. The entire theme is based around contacting your potential customers directly, for a varying amount … Read More

Door Drop Vs Direct Mail

Door Drop Vs Direct Mail

The use of door drop and direct mail are both efficient and cost-effective methods of delivering your message to potential customers and generating a response. They share some typical characteristics, but which one should you choose? We have put together this article so that you can better understand the differences and why you should choose us for our direct mail … Read More

How To Use Direct Mail Effectively

how to use direct mail effectively

With direct mail still being a great medium for campaigns, even in a digital age, you may be wondering how to use direct mail effectively. Direct mail can still be a highly effective tool in your brand’s marketing toolbox. Engaging customers through multiple platforms & channels is the ticket for boosting your response rate. Direct mail is a path to … Read More

Choosing The Best Direct Mail Marketing Format

direct mail marketing formats

There are countless different creative ways to market your business via direct mail. By choosing the right format to connect with your audience, you can achieve greater engagement and higher response rates. Below are some examples of different direct mail formats which you could use to inspire your next campaign.  Postcards  Small, simple and highly cost-effective, postcards are a timeless … Read More

How To Measure Direct Mail Success

how to measure direct mail success

Measuring success is a crucial aspect of any effective marketing campaign. This is true for direct mail as much as any other form of marketing. If you aren’t sure how to accurately measure the success of your direct mail campaign, this guide is for you. Check out our top tips below and see if you can implement them in your … Read More

5 Tips To Maximise Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

maximise your direct mail marketing campaign

Are you looking for ideas for how to maximise your direct mail marketing campaign? Direct mail is a great and effective way of getting your message in front of your target audience. Once you have their attention, it is crucial to get the messaging right, to ensure you are getting the maximum return for your investment  Here are 5 tips … Read More

Specialists In Mail Marketing In Kent

Mail marketing is one of the best ways to directly reach the local customers you need in Kent, whether you run a garden centre, retail store or garage that offers servicing and MOTs. If you’re considering running a marketing campaign in Kent, Atlas Direct Mail has a hard working team that cover all aspects of direct mail, from mail production and fulfilment … Read More

Why Use Our Data Cleansing Service?

Nobody wants to invest money in mail marketing, only to be sending leaflets or brochures to customers who have long moved away. There’s no point running an incredible mail marketing campaign, if your data is outdated. Fortunately, with our data cleansing service, we can ensure that everything is up-to-date. Our health checks are 100% free and can save you significant … Read More

Why Choose Our Print Management Services?

Want beautifully printed brochures with a quality finish? Or need to tell your loyal customers about your latest summer offers? With our print management services, we can help with every aspect of your direct mail campaign. Atlas Direct Mail offer a wide range of services to help clients run the most efficient direct mail campaigns, with our expert team covering … Read More

Start Your Mail Marketing Campaign In Sussex

Direct mail marketing is very much alive and kicking. Today we’re bombarded with advertisements online which means many people feel overwhelmed with information and a great deal of digital marketing goes unnoticed. There is something much more powerful about receiving tangible materials you can touch and feel. Since printed material is now in a minority, it can really help your … Read More