How To Use Direct Mail Effectively

how to use direct mail effectively

With direct mail still being a great medium for campaigns, even in a digital age, you may be wondering how to use direct mail effectively. Direct mail can still be a highly effective tool in your brand’s marketing toolbox. Engaging customers through multiple platforms & channels is the ticket for boosting your response rate. Direct mail is a path to success when it’s personalized to your target audience and driven by a well-executed direct marketing strategy. 

For enquiries about direct mail, be sure to contact our friendly team here at Atlas Direct Mail. We have extensive knowledge within the industry and are here to provide you with the information needed for a direct mail campaign. This article will provide you with some insight of just how effective direct mail can be.

Personalise Your Content

Each person wants to feel special in some way and that’s not different for direct mail. Taking an individualised approach with direct mail can create a personalised feeling for customers. With a personal format, your mail is less likely to end up being seen as junk and instead, letting them know that you’re awake to their needs.

The first step is using the recipient’s name, rather than ‘dear sir/madam’ or ‘homeowner’. Find a way of connecting with potential or pre-existing customers by personalising the product or service you’re offering. Tailoring to your audience will supercharge your marketing efforts and create a better fusion, generating better sale numbers down the line. Resonation is key, so an example of tailoring to your customers would be to offer discounts in products or services they have used before.

Information Is Key

A flyer, brochure or insert can feel more permanent than a tweet or an email. Your audience can see it, handle it and read it. A customer is likely to spend more time with a piece of direct mail than with an email or tweet. It opens the door to provide more information. 

Regardless of what you’re offering, it won’t matter unless the receiver’s eye is caught. To accomplish this, we recommend:

  • Use clear, attractive images that draw the eye.
  • Incorporate graphics & text that mesh with your brand and convey the right message about your products or services.
  • Include authentic testimonials that show a customer why they should choose you over a competitor.

The most important thing is to keep your focus squarely on the customer’s needs. You want to earn their loyalty, and your direct mail content should aid in reaching that goal. Concentrate your message on how your brand benefits the customer in terms of value, convenience and quality. 

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