Choosing The Best Direct Mail Marketing Format

direct mail marketing formats

There are countless different creative ways to market your business via direct mail. By choosing the right format to connect with your audience, you can achieve greater engagement and higher response rates. Below are some examples of different direct mail formats which you could use to inspire your next campaign. 


Small, simple and highly cost-effective, postcards are a timeless way of getting in front of your target audience. They can be used by businesses of all sizes to achieve a number of marketing goals. These include: raising brand awareness, promoting your business, showcasing a new product, to highlighting a special offer and lead generation. 

Unlike a letter, they do not need to be opened for their message to be seen, which might increase the chances of somebody reading it. However due to their smaller size, there is limited space for conveying your message. Use highly focused, clear, bold and concise messaging as there is not much room for lots of information.

You’ll need an eye-catching design to grab the recipient’s attention, with a hook and enticing image. And, don’t forget to utilise both sides of the card!

Self Mailers

A self mailer is one large sheet that is bi or tri-folded down into a variety of sizes such as a booklet, brochure, or leaflet. It does not need to be posted in an envelope, it can be stuck down with an adhesive tab to keep mailing costs down. 

Self mailers are an effective way to attract prospects and generate leads. There is a little more space than on a postcard, so you can go into greater detail about your company, products, and services to build a stronger brand image and persuade the reader to act. 

Use the space wisely with striking imagery and messaging. And, don’t forget to include an offer or a reason for the consumer to act urgently. 


If you require something more formal to reach your customers, a letter might be the perfect direct mail format for you. Receiving a letter that is addressed to you personally usually indicates that it is important information inside that needs to be read. This makes them highly effective for marketing purposes. 

Letters are very text-heavy compared to self mailers or postcards, where the imagery & branding take center stage. Consequently, time must be spent on crafting the perfect copy. Take advantage of the fact that you can write a long, personalised message to your prospects. 


Catalogues are a great solution for businesses who want to showcase many different products. You can send these out to previous customers to keep them up to date with your new product range, as well as showcasing your products to new prospects too. 

The main advantage of a catalogue is that there is lots of space to show off your range of products. Draw audiences in with appealing promotions on the front page and with your best selling products. 

Catalogues are at the higher end of the budget range for direct mail, but this investment is well worth it if you have a range of products to display. 

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