How To Measure Direct Mail Success

how to measure direct mail success

Measuring success is a crucial aspect of any effective marketing campaign. This is true for direct mail as much as any other form of marketing. If you aren’t sure how to accurately measure the success of your direct mail campaign, this guide is for you. Check out our top tips below and see if you can implement them in your next direct mail campaign, however big or small.

Why is it so important to measure direct mail success?

Without knowing how to measure direct mail success, you might not be getting the best return for your investment. And what business owner would want to miss out on an opportunity to increase ROI?

It is easy to just assume that your direct mail campaign has been a success if you have seen an increase in leads or sales. While this may be true to an extent, it might be the case that it has actually been less or more successful than you first thought. Without knowing, you will not be able to analyse and improve on your results.

Below, we explore four methods that will allow you to easily measure how well direct mail marketing is working for you.

4 ways to measure direct mail success

Create a unique URL on your website

analytics tracking direct mail

Google Analytics is a fantastic tracking tool, and it is not only for digital marketers! Why not use this free tool to your advantage for measuring the success of your direct mail campaign?

By creating a unique URL on your website and including this in your direct mail copy, you can get an accurate idea of how many recipients have taken an interest in your mail items. Once they are on your website, you can also track how many go through and make a purchase or book your services.

Create a trackable phone number

phone number tracking direct mail

By creating a unique trackable number, you can measure and even record calls generated from your direct mail campaign. As long as you only share this unique number via mail, this is a simple and effective way to measure leads generated as a result of your direct mail efforts.

With call recording capabilities you can also keep track of how many calls converted into actual sales. Furthermore, you can use this feature to train staff and help them close more sales in the future.

Include an exclusive offer

Discounts and offers are not only a great way to increase direct mail response rates, but they also provide you with a way to measure the success of a campaign too.

You could try sharing an exclusive coupon code which customers can redeem when checking out or booking your services. Use coupon codes that are unique to a specific offer, and get as creative as you like.

Use a QR code

A QR code is a barcode that can be scanned with a smartphone to bring up more information online. You can then track recipients digitally once they visit your specially designed landing page.

QR codes are a great way to drive engagement. If a recipient is not yet quite ready to buy, they might be happy to scan and learn more about an offer. Use clear instructions for scanning the code, such as ‘scan to learn more’ or ‘scan to access the deal’.

Want help from the experts?

Above are some great actionable techniques you can include in your campaigns in order to measure their success. But would you like further help setting up a direct mail campaign from experts within the industry? Get in touch!

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